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Customer Comments

Comments left by clients of Majeztic Hardwood Floors whom we are very proud to have served. If YOU are one of our clients please feel free to leave your own comments by clicking the Contact Us link to tell us how you rate our services and products.

Bathroom from Hell

Guys I want to thank you for the remodeling job you did on our water damaged master bathroom. Your team transformed our old bathroom with it's plastic tub and shower enclosures with linoleum floor into a magnificent new bathroom. We love the hand laid Travertine and wonderful patterns. Thanks to you we have a bathroom we truly enjoy.

Steven H. - Plano, TX

Perfect Refinishing

We inherited my great grandmother's old home in the Swiss Avenue area of Dallas. The house was built in 1932 by my great grandfather and great grandmother. We've been restoring the old house for almost two years now doing most of the work ourselves. We knew the house has narrow oak flooring throughout but after we pulled up the 30 year old carpet and linoleum covering the wood it was clear they needed to be refinished in the worst way. Gummed up old black varnish or linoleum glue, stains and a few rotten pieces, they were nasty.

Having no idea how to do this properly we decided to shop different flooring services and selected Majeztic. They came out and in 3 days had repaired, sanded (both by hand and machine) the entire house. Re-stained, sealed and polished the floors to a very high luster. We think they look better than new and couldn't be happier. We know my deceased great grandparents would be proud to see us restore their old house. Now our home!

Kelly B. - Dallas

Best Home Investment

We purchased a nice 3700sq.ft. home to fix up and resale for profit. We cleaned, painted and updated the appliances and lighting. Once we put it on the market we had a lot of lookers but no takers. Perhaps we were asking too much. I didn't think so but, still no buyers.

We decided the old carpet had to go so we contacted Majeztic Hardwood Floors about a price quote as well as several other flooring companies. We compared and researched each and selected Majeztic. What we were most impressed with was the fast response, detailed price and great customer service.

The replacement flooring installation of all the old carpeted rooms took them a week and are outstanding. They also moved all of the furniture!

We then added the price of the new floors to our original asking price and sold the house in 2 days!!

Don't let anyone tell you hardwood floors are not a good investment. People love them and if a home has them it's much more likely to sell at a premium price.

Thanks guys for helping us obtain the profit we desired. We will certainly use your services on our upcoming home re-sale projects.

Justin A. - Highland Park, TX

Amazing Service

Easiest decision we made was hiring Majeztic to replace the old carpet with new hardwood floors. Absolutely the best service ever and at a fantastic price.

Our carpet lasted 10 years, these fantastic new wood floors will last a lifetime.

We Highly Recommend Majeztic Hardwood Floors - 5 Stars

Ryan D. - Murphy, TX

Doctor Recommended

Our youngest daughter has severe allergies and has been hospitalized several times because of them. Our doctor recommended we remove the carpeting from the house.

We received several bids on the job and selected Majeztic after checking their references.

The Majeztic crew removed the old carpets, scrapped the concrete floors clean and installed beautiful floors. The attention to detail was amazing.

It's been almost 3 months since the installation and our child's allergies are finally under control.

Thank you so much Majeztic for making our home healthier for our little girl.

Bless you all!
Mira - Lewisville, TX


My husband's work requires him to travel a lot and for periods of up to a month. Our carpet needed replacing and he expressed how he would love to have wood floors but couldn't see how we could afford it so I was to have the carpeting replaced while he was away.

A friend said I should contact Majeztic before I purchased the new carpeting. I called and Omar came out the next day with large samples so I could actually tell what the floors would look like!

The price quoted was very reasonable and only a bit more than good carpeting so I decided to surprise my husband and have hardwood floors installed instead of carpet.

The crew carefully moved all of the furniture, removed the worn out carpet, and installed the most beautiful hardwood floors, plank by plank.

I was amazed at how precisely they worked and in no time at all we had beautiful highly polished oak floors.

It was everything I could do to keep myself from bragging about what I had done to my husband before he returned but held my tongue for the big surprise when he would first see them on his return.

He arrived home a week after the floors were finished and was so proud of the new floors he called his buddies over to check them out. Telling them all how proud he was of me!

Thank you for helping me surprise my husband with a home full of beautiful new floors.

Becky - Dallas, TX

Amazing Crew

When the day for the installation of our new hardwood floors came around the crew and supervisor arrived at our door all "10" of them. I expected a smaller crew like most companies but with 10 skilled craftsman it was absolutely amazing to watch them work. Like a well oiled machine the crew installed 2 moisture barriers, plywood sub-floor and then the beautiful Red Oak. They then filled and sanded the floors before hand scrapping all. They then applied the stain and hand rubbed it into the wood. After the stain 2 heavy coats of urethane was applied, baseboards replaced and they were done.

We now have the most beautiful hardwood floors we've ever seen and just love the warmth it brings to our home, not to mention the easy maintenance compared to carpeting.

I highly recommend Majeztic Hardwood Floors for any flooring job. They were very clean, efficient, respectful of our property and did a magnificent job at a very affordable price!

Thanks gentlemen for your amazing craftsmanship and our new floors!
Robert D. - Sachse TX

Great Job

The floors are magnificent!

Daniella B. - Murphy, TX